Culinary Cottage Mission:

Welcome to Culinary Cottage, a hands-on cooking and nutritional program for student at Echo Glen Children’s Center, based in Snoqualmie, WA. Our goal is to introduce the students to the pleasure of preparing delicious and nutritional meals with readily accessible ingredients.   Our students will learn basic cooking skills that involve choosing healthy ingredients – skip the box, can and plastic bag and make it from scratch – will be our standard approach. Once students leave the Center, our hope is they will be more empowered when making food preparation choices and perhaps look at the food industry as a prospective career choice.

Our plan is to establish a Culinary Cottage Cooking Program in each of the 9 cottages in which the students are housed. A typical cottage setting involves 10-14 students.

What is Echo Glen Children’s Center:

Echo Glen is a Washington state medium/maximum juvenile correctional facility managed by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. In addition, at Echo Glen, the Issaquah School District partners with the state to ensure student have an opportunity for a quality education while at the facility. With approximately 130 kids at any given time, the students come from every part of Washington State. The population is both males and females, ranging in age from 12-20, many of whom have been in and out of the juvenile justice system, most without the proper resources at home to help them make their way and succeed in this world.

Threefold Approach to Success:

  • Build Confidence – Use food preparation and knowledge as a way to build confidence in our students. Being able to turn simple and readily available ingredients into a full meal provides an amazing sense of accomplishment. The hands-on approach gives each student an opportunity to create meals from start to finish in small group environments, reinforcing the collective need to work together for the good of the finished product.
  • Nutritional Education In a marketplace that entices kids to eat high-calorie, high-fat and low nutritional value foods, we will seek to educate our students on making healthy choices – whether it be in preparing their own foods or purchasing them in the ever-growing food marketplace.
  • Create Opportunities Our hope is to inspire our future cooks. We will bring in local chefs and restaurateurs who can provide insights into the career choices available in this industry, and how to set the pathway for success for students interested in the food industry.